Rules of Baseball


The basic material of this sport includes a hard ball, bat wood or aluminum , a padded glove leather for each player, shoes plugs and protective helmets for batters. Receivers or catchers wear special protective gear with a helmet, a mask, a protective breastplate for the chest and shin guards.

The baseball has a garcinia cambogia opinioni wrapped with layers of rubber and rope, and is covered with leather pieces that have been tied with force . A baseball is about 23 cm in circumference. The bats are usually of aluminum or elastic wood, like the one of ash, and its maximum dimensions are 6.9 cm of diameter and 107 cm of length. Specific rules also describe the size and construction of gloves, spiked shoes, batting helmets and other material baseball.


A baseball team has nine field players, where each of them is responsible for a particular position. The thrower puts the ball into play by throwing it towards the goal. Each shot is called a throw. Holding the ball in a special way and adjusting its effects, pitchers can run various pitches, combining these techniques with changes of speed in the shooting, to make it harder hitters hit the ball. The catcher receives the ball and returns it to the pitcher unless the batter manages to hit the ball beforehand. The receiver also defends the goal when a runner tries to score a run.

The first base, second base and third base players are located on or near a base, while the shortstop is between the second and third base. They are responsible for catching the ball when it is batted to the inner field or infield and to eliminate the runners when they try to advance around the diamond. Three outside or outfielders are placed individually in the right field, center of the field and left field, being responsible for catching the balls struck towards the outfield or outfield.

While one team is in the field, the other performs his batting turn: one player after another, according to a previously specified order. The batting rules vary slightly in the big leagues. In the National League, the pitcher is also a hitter, while in the American League, a player, called a designated hitter, hits the pitcher’s place. The designated hitter, when there is exchange of papers, does not occupy position in the pitch.


In baseball, several people help the game to develop properly: managers, coaches and referees.

The manager is the leader of the team responsible for the strategy of it and its director. Managers determine which team members play, in which positions and the order in which they hit. During the game, the managers give instructions from the bench. Two or more coaches, located closer to the field, help the manager communicate with the players. For example, managers can decide what type of pitch should be made, when should the hitters try to hit a pitch and how should the runners move around the bases. The manager transmits these decisions with his hands, through special signs repeated by the coaches to communicate them to the players.

The referees are responsible for interpreting and enforcing the rules of the game. Decide the outcome of a game and have full authority over the game. For example, a referee decides when a player is eliminated and can kick players, managers or coaches who violate rules of behavior . In the big leagues, a team of four referees for each match are placed in the goal along the first and third baselines, and in the inner field, near the second base.


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